Guest Music

The people on this guest page are working psalmists. Like David of old they are expressing their faith while working ordinary jobs…they are thinking about their God “in the night watches”.

I have always wanted to record those who had little access to the process and who might never be chosen to professionally represent the gift of music/composition and really for two other reasons constant and compelling…that they may have these expressions preserved for their own families and that others who are in the same trenches with all the cares and pressures may be encouraged to lift up their heads and make melody in their own hearts to the Lord who saves and keeps us all by His kindness and power until we see Him face to face.

Watson June 2015

Guest Music


“Your songs are a rare combination of devotion and theological substance.”

~ George Levesque, PCA

“…the music of angels…”

~ Dr. Dan Struble
Former President, Montreat College